Perfume Review: For Strange Women

So I ordered some samples from For Strange Women because I’m having a bit of a perfume obsession (and I’ve also got some from Lush which I’ll probably review later)

Winter Kitty

This smells like a walk in a pine forest, or like lying under a Christmas tea, it’s lovely but not quite complex enough. I feel it would be nice with a bit more smoke smell or perhaps some form of spice! It doesn’t help that it’s spring at the moment and this is very much a winter perfume, I didn’t really pick the best ones to try!

London Fog

The first time I put this on I didn’t really like it; it was alright but a little dull as it mainly smelt of vanilla. While delicious, I prefer my perfumes to be a little deeper and less foodlike. However, the second time I used it it seemed to smell a lot more like bergamot and the earl grey scent stayed far longer; I know people have said perfumes may smell different on you from day to day but this is the first time I’ve experienced it! I definitely preferred London Fog the second time I put it on, and when it faded it left a vanillary-tea scent which was comforting but still had some depth.

Astral Projection

This perfume is the most complex to me; it was woody and earthy and herby and citrussy, at first it smelt like lemongrass and then started smelling more earthy with herbs and then when it faded it became more piney. I think it would be lovely in the spring!


The packaging was really lovely, £9 seems a little pricey for the small amount but the cards which came with them explaining the scents and the beautiful box almost made up for it! I probably won’t be buying any of these in full size because the scents aren’t strong enough for my liking – if you like subtle scents though I’d really recommend it!


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