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Tea, Glorious Tea!

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I have a serious tea habit. I have at least ten types of tea in my cupboard at the moment (much to my partner’s annoyance) and rarely drink cold drinks, even in the summer.

IMG_3808  IMG_3811

So I thought I’d do a few reviews! These are from Mecca in Aberystwyth (you can order from them by email or phone so if you aren’t from Aber you can still get some! Although they don’t actually have a website – I went in and asked for their catalog and they emailed it to me but if you live far away their phone no is 01970 612888)

I currently have:

Almond black tea

Mango black tea

Summer black tea

Rooibos tea (to which I’ve added toasted coconut and cardamom because I get bored of straight tea easily)

And have in the past had: winter tea, vanilla, chai, green sencha cherry, passionfruit and maybe a few others that I’ve forgotten.


The almond tea is really delicious, it tastes like sweet almonds but smells really strongly of marzipan which had me worried (I’m NOT a marzipan fan!). It’s perfect winter tea and it started me drinking tea black which is very unlike me! It’s not too sweet but not as bitter as most black tea so sugar isn’t really necessary. I added almond milk to it once and it tasted like cake, amazing!


I thought mango tea sounded kind of icky and I’m usually very wary of fruit teas because they smell amazing and then just taste sour and horrible BUT this one is awesome! I think because it has black tea maybe it’s less sour, either way it tastes a lot like mango and is just really lovely and refreshing and brilliant for summer when you want something hot! It’s also really pretty, it has yellow petals and bits of mango in it.


I don’t actually understand why this is called summer tea rather than peach tea – I mean, I get that peaches are summery but so are mangoes and summer tea suggests to me a blend of summery flavours. Anyhoo, it is really good for summer, tastes just like peaches and if you don’t like fruit teas but do like peaches I’d recommend you check this out, it tastes and smells amazing and isn’t as disappointing as fruit teas often are! Like the mango tea it’s really pretty, it has marigold and cornflower petals in it so it looks flowery!


I guess there’s not really much to say about this one, it’s pretty standard rooibos and I only got it because they don’t have any flavoured rooibos and I needed something caffeine free! I toasted a cup of desiccated coconut and some cardamom pods and then mixed it in with a 125g bag of it and now it’s one of my favourites!

I’m going to be trying to blog once a week (let’s see how long that lasts…) so there’ll inevitably be more tea reviews as I attempt to hit my self imposed deadlines =p