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Steph gets Ferrets

IMG_3731 IMG_3728 IMG_3769 IMG_3770 IMG_3771 IMG_3774 When we moved I managed to obtain two ferrets, as our neighbours (Alex’s grandma and great aunt) find it a bit hard to look after them and they were going to be got rid of if I didn’t take them in. I know nothing about ferrets so I got googling and am slowly learning about them. Here are things I have learnt (through experience) so far:

– our ferrets love woodpiles (I have been sitting outside of woodpiles and holes waiting for them to come out quite a few times over the last month)

– they like to play, and playing means biting. They do as a rule not bite hands but this changes if they can smell treats (they have really poor vision and I’m not sure if they can tell what are hands and what are treats). I have a sock on a sheet that I use to play with them when they are feeling nippy and so far I’ve been bitten only one, but if you move quickly to pick them up then they think you’re playing and try to bite you

– they often try to climb stuff and give up halfway and just drop. I have yet to work out if it’s because they’re not that good at climbing, or just lazy

– they smell (oh, they smell so much! I have to have special ferret clothes so that I don’t have to wash everything I own as soon as I’ve worn it near them) and are really intrigued by smelly things, if they run off and I can’t find them they’re often either in my rot bucket or rolling in the compost heap.

– the internet says they have a really good sense of smell but my ferrets can be sniffing food and still not find it, so I’m not sure if their sense of smell is really bad or if they’re just not that bright

– they sleep all curled up together and it’s really cute but I rarely get to see them like that because as soon as they hear me coming they run to the wire side of the cage and jump around until the door opens

– they treat dry food with great distain, so I’m having to mix dry and wet food so they eat it. They have had a diet of dog food but I read that it was best to get them ferret food, especially dry ferret food as it’s better for their teeth but they look at it as though I’m trying to feed them pebbles

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